7 Places to Get Official Vehicle History Report

Top 7 NMVTIS Providers in 2020- How To Choose The Best VIN History Report Provider

Broken Vehicle

Place yourself in this scenario, after saving up for months to buy your dream car you finally did.

Just a week later, you were flagged down by the police. In your mind, you have a clean slate and the police will allow you to go in a minute.

Oops! The police ran some checks and asked you to step out of the car. Wondering what could be wrong, the officers dropped a bombshell, "you are driving a stolen car." One thing is sure, all the joy of owning your car will fizzle out immediately.

Honestly, this scenario does not occur every day, but it happens, and you don’t have to be the one it happens to. What you don’t realize is that this situation could have been avoided by a simple VIN history check.

What is a VIN Check?

For every vehicle, there is a Vehicle Identification Number attached to it right from the factory.

A VIN is a 17-character code encoded into every vehicle to check its history, ownership, registrations, and many more. 

VIN is like the DNA of an automobile, and no two vehicles can share the same VIN, just like your DNA. 

There are different places where you’ll find the VIN of a car; 

  • Driver’s side of the vehicle

  • Corner of the vehicle, where the windshield meets the vehicle

  • The doorpost of the driver’s side

Other places you’ll find the VIN is one the insurance card, registration, and title of the vehicle.

Cannot find your VIN? Use License Plate to VIN lookup

Why You Should Run a VIN History Check Before Buying a Car

Before buying any car, new or used, it quite essential to run a VIN history checker. Look beyond the scenario about a stolen vehicle; there are more reasons why a VIN history check is considered necessary;

  • History of Accidents and Damages

You don’t deserve to buy a lemon as a car after saving all your income just to be able to afford one. It’s a great disservice to yourself if you buy a vehicle that has had its airbags deployed or suffered structural damage.

A VIN history check will reveal all of these. 

  • Safety Recalls

Have you heard about the 2013 Toyota Camry, the South Africa edition that has issues with its braking system? A cousin never ran a VIN check and bought the car. The car is notorious for exploding into flames after parking for a while.

These are some of the safety issues that a VIN history check through any of the NMVTIS providers would have revealed.

Of course, there were recalls from the manufacturer, which you can know through the VIN check.

  • Stolen, or Lien Status

Don’t get yourself embarrassed by buying a car that has been reported stolen or with a lien placed on it. A simple VIN History Report is all it takes to save you from such a mess.

Never buy a car without running VIN checks. 

A Review of the Top 7 NMVTIS Providers For VIN History Reports

1. VINCheckUp

VINCheckUp logo

There’s no better way to be sure of what you are buying in a car than to consult VINCheckUp. It provides you with car accident history and also draws data from insurance firms across the 50 states.

The Title History Information provided by VINCheckUp is second to none, you can see when the car was purchased and sold. Any outstanding liens on the vehicle are also provided.

Most importantly, to save you from stress, VINCheckUp reveals maintenance, service, and recall records.


  • Ease of use due to the simplicity of the interface

  • Reliable and quality data

  • Fast turnaround of the checks


  • Few data sources compared to others

2. FaxVIN

FaxVIN logo

Never buy a used car unless you’ve checked its history through FAXVin. In the report you are going to get from FAXVin, you’ll be provided the salvage or junk title to know the reliability of the car you are buying.

The report also goes as far as letting you know whether the car has ever been used as a taxi. Most importantly, if the odometer has even been rolled back, you’ll see the real figure in the report.

Other important information provided by FAXVin ranges from the number of previous owners, maintenance records, accident history, robbery, and recovery report.


  • Extensive vehicle records

  • Numerous data sources

  • Useful sample reports

  • Affordable plans


  • Confusing user interface

3. VINAudit

VINAudit logo

Founded in 2012 as an official NMVTIS vehicle history provider, VINAudit takes car history research to a new height with the provision of estimated market value in addition to the regular car reports.

Through VINAudit, the decision making process of buying a car is simplified thanks to the title documents, salvage/junk title, robbery, lien, or impound reports.

Every month, millions of fresh new car documents are updated to the VINAudit database.


  • Most accessible car history provider

  • Reliable data source

  • Covers both the US and Canada

  • Affordable reports


  • Less accurate due to the number of sources

  • Report not as comprehensive as other providers

4. VINSmart

VINSmart logo

When you visit the VINSmart platform, you’ll see the apparent semblance it shares with CarFax. The unique selling point of VINSmart lies in its exceptional customer support as it provides just every information other providers also possess.

If you are looking for the actual valuations of a vehicle before buying, VINSmart report could be your best bet. There’s also what they refer to as the VINSmart guarantee, which refunds your money in the event you find the report not worth it.

VINSmart data on liens and loans are also top-notch.


  • Excellent customer service

  • Money-back guarantee

  • Great user interface


  • Unnecessary processing fee

5. VINCheckPro

VINCheckPro logo

VINCheckPro promises to help you determine whether your next car is worth a buy. What makes VINCheckPro unique is the inclusion of the vehicle problems in the report. More so, you can also know the environmental score of your vehicle to see if it conforms with government regulations.

In a VINCheckPro report, you can see issues surrounding structural damage, theft record, recalls, defects, and accident history.

In the end, what is provided in the report is reliable enough to help you make a buying decision.


  • User-friendly interface

  • Compatible with all OS and Devices

  • The secured and fast download of reports

  • Saves both money and time


  • Slow website response

6. VINAlert

VINAlert logo

According to VINAlert, it can help in providing information on about 250 automobile brands. The reports will reveal if the vehicle has been involved in an accident, or there has been an odometer rollback.

VINAlert report also focuses on theft in either Mexico, Canada, and the US. You will also find in the report any untold lien or airbag deployment of the vehicle. VINAlert relies on the Federal database from where it pulls it reports.

However, there are concerns on the accuracy of information provided by VINAlert.


  • Ease of Use

  • Access to information in the US, Canada, and Mexico

  • Focuses on 250 Auto Brands


  • Pull data from only 44 states

7. ClearVIN

ClearVIN logo

Many users are attracted by the money-back guarantee of ClearVIN. However, ClearVIN is not among the best VIN history provider in the United States. What ClearVIN does is to partner with relevant government agencies to bring vehicle data to car buyers and owners.

If you are a truck owner, you may find ClearVIN most reliable as your source of data. More so, ClearVIN claims to have an extensive partnership with both public and private data sources to provide reliable vehicle information.

However, there are concerns about the data provided by ClearVIN, as even their website has numerous outdated information.


  • Money-back guarantee

  • Free recall lookup

  • Up to date truck history


  • Outdated information

  • Less source of data

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