VIN Check and Vehicle History Report Basics

Buying a used car requires thorough checking all the details and data related to the vehicle one is considering purchasing in the future. Performing a VIN lookup is highly recommended, as a VIN number of each vehicle can reveal all data the customer needs to know before making a serious decision. But what should you know about the VIN code?

The definition and importance of VIN number

Each car has a so-called vehicle identification number (VIN). It is a unique code for a specific vehicle, serving as a car fingerprint. The VIN is usually composed of 17 characters, the combination of capital letters and digits. All the vehicles manufactured before the year 1981 may have a different VIN number with fewer characters. It also means that vehicle information may be limited if a car was manufactured before 1981. The vehicle identification number allows you to find more information about the car’s manufacturer, specifications, and other useful facts.

The meaning and location of the VIN number

All 17 characters of the VIN code are not created randomly. Each digit and capital letter, as well as whole segments, represent important car’s information each driver is recommended to know. The first character provides the information about where the vehicle was built, whereas the last six characters, usually digits, are the serial number of a particular vehicle. The VIN number ought to have a security code, which is usually the 9th character in the row. Vehicle identification numbers reveal the information about engine size and type, as well as whether a car is a flexible-fuel vehicle (FFV) or not.

To be able to find a vehicle's VIN, you can stand outside the vehicle on the driver’s side and take a look at the dashboard on the right corner, close to the windshield. However, if the VIN number is not located there, it is more likely to be displayed at the driver-side door post. The driver can also check their insurance policy.

What does a vehicle history report provide?

If you're considering buying a used car, you may want to get a thorough VIN check. Usually, this vehicle history report provides the following details:

  • Accident history

  • Fire and/or flood damage

  • Registration history

  • Type of the vehicle

  • Personal use or the use of any other purpose

  • Defects and recalls

Our service provides meticulous and detailed VIN lookup in the blink of an eye. From now on, there is no need to go to local authorities to get the information one is interested in. Our VIN search allows viewing full vehicle history reports on all devices the customers prefer effortlessly. It is fast and convenient. Thorough online VIN lookup is a must-have for those people who are making a serious decision, whether it is worthy to buy a used car or not. And our comprehensive up-to-date report will help to make the right decision.

License Plate Immediate Online Lookup

With the help of an online license plate lookup, there is no need to visit the local Department of Motor Vehicles Office to get information about a particular vehicle. As a matter of fact, the license plate of any car reveals crucial facts about the vehicle’s past. Our complete license plate search reveals reliable key data in just a matter of minutes. What are the most important things one needs to know before checking a full vehicle’s history on our website?

What one can learn from the reports?

Entering the license plate number into the search service allows getting access to the following data:

  • Lien records

  • Possible criminal records

  • Fire damage, flood, or any other disaster in which a vehicle may have been damaged

  • Full registration history

  • The specifications of the vehicle

  • Detailed repossession records

The report may include many other features and unique information related to the vehicle one inspects. Whether it is a standardized license plate or a customized one, it is possible to perform extensive VIN lookup and receive up-to-date info.

Reliable data sources

Our service aims to deliver supreme quality by providing detailed reports from reliable sources only. The license plate lookup is finished in the blink of an eye, meaning that the customer gets all the info immediately. You can effortlessly access the identity of the current owner of the vehicle and its ownership, as well. All the information is provided by approved sources.

Perform License Plate Lookup Any Time You Want

The website’s convenient layout and interface display all the services provided by us. Furthermore, not only can you request a VIN check or license plate search on our website, but also download a free Apple application. From now on, our customers can check the vehicles’ history any time they want, using both mobile and desktop versions. Offering meticulous license plate lookup, we provide up-to-date details and data, equally available on both Apple smartphones and desktops.

The difference between the VIN Number and License Plate

Each vehicle has its own identity that may be marked in several ways. But most common ones are revealing vehicle’s information via its VIN code, or license plate. They are not the same but appear to have a similar purpose. What are the key differences between the VIN number and the license plate of a car?

The Purpose of License Plate

A license plate is not a random combination of numbers and letters. Each letter and number may give a certain piece of information about any vehicle. 

The first two letters on the license plate reveal where the vehicle was registered. The second letter in this combination represents Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency Office it was registered at. What follows next is the two numbers located in the middle. These digits reveal the age of the vehicle. At last, the following three letters are usually created randomly. It actually gives a vehicle its unique identity and there are no license plates that are absolutely the same. The unique number of the license plate is usually printed on the metal or sometimes plastic surface. A number of American states appears to have plate color and registration format different from other ones. The license plate is located on the rear and front of the vehicles, whereas some states, such as New Mexico, Arizona, Kansas, Oklahoma, Florida, Illinois, and other ones, allow mounting it at the rear of one’s car only.

What is the purpose of a car license plate and why is license plate lookup so important? Among from revealing full car’s past and its unique specifications, the license plate number is used in order to track a vehicle if there was any crime or accident. This is usually done by police in an investigation. It allows finding the car’s owner or driver in a short period of time and taking appropriate action according to the situation. But the license plate is not the only thing that can reveal the vehicle’s identity and history.

Vehicle Identification Number

The first thing to remember when considering a thorough VIN check is that VIN is not the same as the vehicle’s license plate number. Vehicle Identification Number is a unique combination of characters and digits, providing even greater details about a car. The VIN number reveals the following data:

  • Serial number

  • The brand of the vehicle

  • Manufacturer

  • Where the car was manufactured

Unlike the license plate, the vehicle identification number cannot be changed because it is physically attached to the vehicle. Apart from providing basic information, VIN code is used by officials to trace the car if it has been stolen, lost, or used in a crime.


In case you are seriously considering buying a used vehicle, VIN search, and license plate lookup will help discover necessary data related to it. Our comprehensive and easy-to-use service gets all the details from reliable sources, meaning that all our customers can fully rely on the high quality of the data and developers' competence. It is easy to get started as soon as you visit the website as we aim to provide all the data and comprehensive vehicle history and specifications as soon as possible. Our customers can read the report from any device preferred. Feel free to use our service and make the right decision about purchasing the car you like!

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