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Buying a used car requires thoroughly checking all the details and data related to the vehicle you are considering purchasing in the future. Performing a VIN lookup is highly recommended, as a VIN number of each vehicle can reveal all data the customer needs to know before making a serious decision. But what should you know about the VIN code?

The definition and importance of VIN number

Each car has a so-called vehicle identification number (VIN). It is a unique code for a specific vehicle, serving as a car fingerprint. The VIN is usually composed of 17 characters, the combination of capital letters and digits. All the vehicles manufactured before the year 1981 may have a different VIN number with fewer characters. It also means that vehicle information may be limited if a car was manufactured before 1981. The vehicle identification number allows you to find more information about the car’s manufacturer, specifications, and other useful facts.

The meaning and location of the VIN number

All 17 characters of the VIN code are not created randomly. Each digit and capital letter, as well as whole segments, represent important car’s information each driver is recommended to know. The first character provides the information about where the vehicle was built, whereas the last six characters, usually digits, are the serial number of a particular vehicle. The VIN number ought to have a security code, which is usually the 9th character in the row. Vehicle identification numbers reveal the information about engine size and type, as well as whether a car is a flexible-fuel vehicle (FFV) or not.To be able to find a vehicle's VIN, you can stand outside the vehicle on the driver’s side and take a look at the dashboard on the right corner, close to the windshield. However, if the VIN number is not located there, it is more likely to be displayed at the driver-side door post. The driver can also check their insurance policy.

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